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Our daily manna devotional is a daily devotional booklet created by Dr Chris kwapovwe.  our daily manna is also called a devotional book for champions, Created in order to help believers maintain a daily walk with God. Our daily manna is packed filled with scriptural verses, prayer points, and encouraging words from the servant of God. Produced quarterly, that is every 3 months. Inside every our daily manna devotional book you will find. you will find in this devotional booklet. Daily prophetic declaration, daily prophetic prayers, daily words of wisdom, gems for success, business secrets and lots more, it is a very powerful devotional book that is highly sought out for by many Christians around the world.

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Here are suggested ways for you to use our daily manna devotional book this should take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish one devotional session for a particular day. Below is how to use the devotional book.

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how to use our daily manna

  • Look for a quiet place and time.
  • Start with a brief prayer and worship you can get this at the beginning of the booklet.
  • Read the passage for the day twice.
  • Think and meditate on anything you have learnt personally from your heart and from the holy spirit
  • Pray on what you have learnt
  • Go over the passage once more and read the write up from the daily manna for the day.
  • Worship God and make definite comments
  • Finally pray the prayer points on the page for each day aggressively, many times and carryout any assignment or instruction given on the page.
  • At your extra time go through the further reading scriptures.
  • Pray in tongues seriously daily
  • You can use the selected prayer points and songs at the beginning of the booklet daily respectively
  • Apart from selected songs in the devotional booklet you can use songs you like as the spirit leads you.
  • Use the prophetic declaraions at the end of the booklet and declare it boldly every day.

i will recommend this booklet to any christian because it is packed full with a lot of goodies that will nourish the spiritual lives of people.

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