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Photo of pastor w.f. kumuyi
Photo of pastor w.f. kumuyi

Christian devotional

Deeper life daily manna is another Christian devotional booklet. It was created by the founder of deeper life Christian church, also known as deeper Christian life ministry, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi.  In addition Daily manna is what every Christian set for heaven should have because it reveals great secret of the Bible and also connects and improve one relationship with God. It is a heavenly dose for daily living. contains all the nutrient necessary for spiritual balance life.  Just perfectly speaks about your day and guide you through it. Helps you in feeding on God’s table; taking breakfast at his presence, in fellowship with His spirit etc,  Deeper life daily manna is Just so wonderful Indeed.

It is a daily spiritual manna from God and it make me to feed on word every day. Most importantly, if you need spiritual food to develop your spiritual and prayer life. you want to draw closer to God? You are in the right place… higher, wiser and purer every day.

check also Our daily manna devotional book by Dr Chris kwapovwe


More This words of God is building my life every single day. It is Inspiring to me and God has been blessing me thru it I will enjoying to keep on reading. Deeper life church is a church that holds Refreshing Worship Service, Systematic Bible Study, Dynamic Revival Service. they also hold Home Caring Fellowship, Counselling, Marriage and Family Seminars, Christian Ministers’ Conference, Success Academy for Youth, Children Church, Fellowship in Higher Institutions, Believers’ Development Program, Christian Leadership Training, Daily Manna Devotional, Higher Everyday Devotional, Christian Women Magazine and much more.

Its mission is to proclaim the simple, saving Gospel of Jesus Christ in its pure form. Our purpose is to lead many to salvation from sin through the knowledge of Jesus, to build them up as steadfast believers, and to engage them in the work of Christ. Our foundation is the Bible. We believe in taking the Word of God at its face value, teaching it with all diligence and building our entire lives and affairs on it. Our preaching is simple, scriptural and serious.

for more check:https://dailymanna.dclm.org/

check also Our daily manna devotional book by Dr Chris kwapovwe

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