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photo of pastor chris oyhakilome
photo of pastor chris oyhakilome

Pastor Chris Oyhakilome is the president of Loveworld Inc. also known as Christ Embassy, He was born on the 7th of December 1963 in the Edo state of nigeria. He was married to Anita Ebhodaghe in 1991 and got divorced 2016 with two daughters. below are 21 books by pastor christ oyhakilome

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His love for the word of God caused him so much troubles during his days in the university and through his relentless effort by the spirit of God has been able to grow his church into an incorporation taking advantage if several media platforms to propagate the Gospel.

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The ministry’s vision is to reach the nations and people of the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through books containing life transforming teachings and building up God’s people with excellence and clarity. To promote the message of Christ in this technology advanced world, the ministry has taken steps to own several social media platforms like the kingschat, yookos and the likes. His messages are based on faith, prosperity,  health, divine healing, soul winning, Holy Spirit etc.

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 Pastor Chris Oyhakilome as a teacher, healing minister, television host and best selling author has written several books in line with his ministry’s vision  and this books are as follows.

1. Rhapsody of Realities.

Also called the messenger angel and its 18th year in print, this book is the world’s number one daily devotional and currently the most translated book in the world  available in one thousand and four languages. The spread of this book is meteoric with over one billion copies distributed in two hundred and forty two countries in 2018.

Also called the messenger angel and its 18th year in print, this book is the world’s number one daily devotional and currently the most translated book in the world  available in one thousand and four languages. The spread of this book is meteoric with over one billion copies distributed in two hundred and forty two countries in 2018.

The teachings of this book cuts across all the messages of the ministry,  are practical and backed by scriptural references. In nigeria,  every October 1st, the independence day is marked by the ministry called Reachout Nigeria where millions of copies are freely distributed across the country as a way of evangelism a major branch of the ministry.

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2. Your rights in Christ.

With the wide spread of Christians living in total ignorance and penury, Pastor Chris Oyhakilome through this book has been able to educate Christians  on what rightfully and legally belong to them in christ and also ways on how to go about in exploiting those benefits in order to live a scriptural based live filled with the glory and excellence of God.

3. The Oil and the mantle.

To avoid contradiction and wrong misconceptions in the word, The Oil and the mantle written by Pastor chris oyakhilome is aimed as correcting the church whom have not come to the full understanding of the message regarding what He says at a particular time and what He says at another.

This book covers the different instructions if God in the old testament and His purpose towards them  and the wrong application of the church. With this book you are able to know the mind of God behind every commandment.

4. Join this Chariot.

The greatest commission given by Jesus Christ before His departure was preach the word to the nations of the world through evangelism and this book was written by pastor Chris to help with the assignment. It contains practical steps on soul winning which through its application has helped many evangelical works around thee world.

The book is centered on God’s call to Phillip to join the Chariot in act 8:29 to preach the Gospel and pastor Chris was able to explain every strategy Phillip used and how we in this present day can use the same to win people to our world as it is the responsibility of every Christian to preach the word.

5. Power of tongues.

As a Christian, the place of tongues cannot be ignored, this book gives the reason and importance of tongues and the difference between speaking in tongues and speaking with your understanding. In this book there is an answer to the what, how and why as regards to tongues, it also gives accurate explanation on prophecy, the interpretation of tongues and the place of the Holy Spirit and His impartation.

Pastor Chris through this book has been able to bring to the light the  power of tongues in our daily walk as Christians and what we stand to gain when imparted.

6. How to make your faith work.

The life of a Christian is a life of faith and the Bible says without faith it  is impossible to please God. This in all ramifications shows that faith is a fundamental aspect of our lives.

This book is a masterpiece that shows us the different kinds of faith and how to apply our faith to obtain result in order for us to live the successful,  victorious and happy lives that has been given to us.

7. Prophecy.

Pastor Chris has been able to educate people through this book regarding Prophecy as he was able to give the meaning of prophecy and the difference between prophetic ministry and the gift of prophecy, how to speak forth God’s word and change the circumstances of your life through prophecy.

You can control your destiny through the word by Prophecy and lots more contained in the book.

8. Seven things the Holy Spirit will do in you.

As Christians with the gift of the Holy spirit it is of utmost importance we know His role in us, this book gives the seven things that are activated in us when the Holy Spirit comes into our lives in order to fully function at the level God wants us to.

Every of the seven major things or office is not just for the edification of ourselves but of the church so we can come to a place that is indomitable by the devices of the enemy.

9. Seven Spirits if God.

Through this book, Pastor Chris unveiled the seven spirit of God that every Christian should have, what the seven spirits are and how to use these spirits to the benefits of a Christian.

Every spirit serve a unique purpose and the workings of the seven spirits brings an individual into a realm filled with the power and knowledge of God.

10. When God visits you.

To tackle the controversy of God’s visitation to His people,  Pastor Chris through this book has been able to give Bible based illustrations of His visitation to His people, at what time and how to prepare for His visitation in our present time which has the ability of catapulting us from one level of life to another.

11. Healing from heaven

Healing from heaven is a book through which many have obtained divine healing from across the world, it illustrates on how Christians should put God’s word to work to experience supernatural intervention into area that are not in harmony with the word.

This book has been effective in the healing school ministry of the church as lives of individuals are transformed through the application of the word and testimonies are shared amongst thousands of people around the world.

12. The Holy Spirit and you.

Who is the Holy Spirit and how can you relate with Him, with the misconceptions about the person of the Holy Spirit in the church, Pastor Chris gave a clear description of the Holy Spirit and how to go about in fellowshiping with Him for our comfort  and joy.

13. The promised land.

Thus is an extract of the word from a different perspective as many doubts were dissolved and questions answered about the promised land and lessons learnt .

In this book Pastor Chris elaborated on the promised land and what  God’s rest means, he said “the people of Isreal entered the promised land but not God’s rest”. In accordance to the scriptures,  he gave a good explanation of the two.

14. Non of these disease.

It’s the desire of God that we prosper and be in good health, this masterpiece shows us the mind of God concerning our health and how to use the word for our benefits. Pastor Chris explained our right to healthy living and how to make it a reality.

15. Now that you are born again.

To the newly convert who haven’t come to the full knowledge of God’s word , this book is the remedy. It brings to light the fundamentals of the  word and how the new babes in christ can apply them in their lives to enhance their spiritual growth.

16. The power of your mind.

From Abraham to Isaac To Jacob and to us, we are able to know the place of meditation and the right positioning of our minds toward God. Keeping the right mindset cannot be overemphasized cause its the way to receive from God as all Bible champions have been captured in this book to possess a mentality that is consistent to what God said concerning them.

For many whom have prayed without much results,  this book through the Holy Spirit has the ability of transforming you into the person God desire us to be.

17. Recreating your world.

With this book, we know we possess the ability to recreate our world into what we desire. We are able to change the circumstances of our lives and affect our environment supernaturally with the word.

We become aware of the power that is resident in us and how to harness those powers to transform things to suits us.

18. Seven things the Holy spirit will do for you.

Through is book, we are able to know the office of the Holy Spirit as regards to what He is meant to do for us as Christians after we have received Him.

It’s important to know what the Holy Spirit will do for us and what He will do in us and this book gives strong points from the scriptures to enhance a smooth fellowship with Him.

19. Don’t stop here.

In this book, Pastor Chris shows us the journey of Elijah and Elisha and how to enhance our spiritual growth through our journey with Christ. This prophetic book shows how to make a beautiful journey of the spirit in our Christian walk and the benefits to our individual lives.

20. How to receive a miracle and retain.

The church have been more concious of receiving Miracles but have little or no understanding in retaining it. This book give a clear cut difference between  receiving from God and retaining what you have received.

With this book, we learn how to abide on the very source of our joy success and fulfillment through the use of the word.

21. How to pray effectively.

Prayer is an art of communicating with God and also a privilege granted us. We are able to know there are different kinds of prayer regarding different situations of life.

Pastor Chris through this masterpiece has been able to  clearly explain what prayer is, the kinds of prayer and how to apply them in our lives. From the prayer of faith to that of agreement to that of petition and lots more Pastor Chris explained with intense scriptural references.

22.Gates of Zion

Pastor Chris was able to capture the building of the new creation church through the eyes of the old testament, he talked about the  rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem as a symbol for the church growth giving extract from the Bible. When you read this book you will experience the glory of God upon your life.

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