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A cake mixer or stand mixer is a kitchen appliance that uses a gear-driven mechanism to rotate a set of “beaters” in a bowl containing the food or liquids to be prepared by mixing them, depending on the context known as the hand mixer or stand mixer.

cake Mixers help automate stirring, whisking, or beating repetitive tasks. When a dough hook replaces the beaters, a mixer can also be used for kneading.

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A mixer can be a handheld mechanism called an eggbeater, a motorized handheld beater, or a drill mixer. The size of stand mixers varies from small counter top models for home use to commercial machines with large capacity. By rotating the mixing device vertically (planetary mixers), or by rotating the mixing container (spiral mixers), stand mixers create the mixing action.

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Kitchen mixers first came into use in the mid-nineteenth century; mechanical devices were the earliest. Commercial bakers ‘ demand for uniform large-scale mixing resulted in the electric stand mixer being developed. Shortly there followed smaller counter-top stand mixers for home kitchen use.

One of the most exciting purchases you’ve ever made for your kitchen can easily be a stand mixer, especially if you bake a lot. Since this is such a piece of investment, most people really want to make sure they have the space, money, and need for such a machine before plunging into it.

If you choose wisely and buy the best stand mixer you can afford, this small appliance can last for decades to come, making sure you really get the value of your money, not to mention adding so much to what you can do at home.

Some top-rated models have attachments, from sausage stuffers to pasta makers that you can buy. This article discusses some of today’s best options on the market to help you make the right kitchen decision.

How it works/description

Three blade attachments come with a basic stand mixer: a beater, a whisk, and a dough hook. Which one you want to use depends on the outcome you want:

  • Use a flat beater for most tasks, including mixing cookies and cake batters and frosting ; shredding pulled pork or chicken ; mixing meatloaf or meatballs if you don’t want to touch it with your hands ; and mixing both sweet and savory ingredients, such as adding butter to warm citrus curd or mashing boiled butter and milk potatoes for a creamy, comfortable meal.
  • Use the whisk to beat eggs and cream into fluffy peaks, and if you take it any further, make marshmallow fluffs and homemade butter without lifting your finger. (Okay, except for the power finger you’re using.)
  • Use the dough hook to knead any dough you can imagine, ranging from steep baguette dough and whole grain rolls to soft, pliant pizza dough and cinnamon buns.

 Types of mixers 

Stand mixer

A large volume stand mixer for mixing bread starters with a double-sided dough hook in a commercial bakery

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A stand mixer in action on a home tabletop, with a wire whisk attachment Stand mixers mount the motor in a frame or stand that carries the weight of the device. Stand mixers are larger than their handheld counterparts and have more powerful motors. They usually have a special bowl in place while the mixer is running.  A typical home stand mixer for whipping creams and egg whites will include a wire whisk ; a flat beater for mixing batters ; and a kneading dough hook.

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Stand mixers are available in either counter top (also known as bench) or floor models. Heavy duty commercial models can have bowl capacities well in excess of 25 gallons (95 l) and weigh thousands of pounds (kilograms) but more typical home and light commercial models are equipped with bowls of around 1 gallon (4 l).

It depends on its size whether a mixer is a top counter or floor model. Mixers with a size of 5 gallons (20 l) or less tend to be counter top mixers, while larger mixers tend to be floor models because of their size and weight.

Spiral mixers

They are specialized tools for dough mixing. As the bowl rotates, a spiral-shaped agitator stays stationary. This method allows spiral mixers to mix dough batch of the same size much faster and with less under-mixed dough than a planetary mixer similarly powered.

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Spiral mixers can use less agitator friction to mix dough than planetary mixers. This makes it possible to mix the dough without increasing its content. Temperature to ensure the proper rise of the dough. For thicker products such as pizza dough, bagels or naan bread, spiral mixers are preferred.

Planetary mixers

Composed of a bowl and a stirrer. The bowl remains static as the agitator moves quickly around the bowl to mix its contents. Planetary mixers are more versatile than their spiral counterparts with the ability to mix a wide variety of ingredients. It is possible to use planetary mixers to whip and mix, whereas spiral mixers can not. Normally they are also used in Australia, India and Europe.

Hand mixer

A hand mixer is a device for handheld mixing. A handle is mounted over a motor enclosure. The motor drives the beaters to perform the mixing action immersed in the food. The engine must be lightweight because the user supports it during use. Any appropriate kitchen container may be used by the user to hold the ingredients while mixing.

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Dynamic, located in western France, invented the electric hand-mixer in 1964. In essence, its products are the same design that it has always produced.

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Dough mixer

 A dough mixer is used for domestic or industrial applications. It is used to knead large amounts of dough. It is electrical, it has timers and different controls to fit the needs of the user. Some characteristics of dough mixers include high speed, low speed and reverse bowl (these can be combined into a program) and a kneading bar in the center of the bowl.

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