Apostle Joshua selman Prophetic message for the body of Christ

Introduction on Apostle Joshua selman Prophetic message

Apostle Joshua Selman in one of his messages, 2016 title a prophetic message. Talked about an impending plague, to come, and he also gave a strategy to the body of Christ in order to survive the coming plague. Among the man things to come he said he saw. Many men of God will gas out, pastors fighting themselves. He saw an economic hardship wrecking people, families and quarrels everywhere.

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Churches locked down, armed robbery on the increase to the extent that even people were being stolen not just properties and money, he also saw a plague that came in form of flies and the flies went everywhere and destroyed a lot of things. Below are the things he saw and the strategy needed to survive the season.

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The strength of many will be tested in the times to come. The devil will also be attacking the prayer life of people. Not by just stopping them from praying but by exhaustion, both physical, psychological financial and so on.

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in the words of Apostle Joshua Selman, he said I saw exhaustion both physical psychological financial and thus attacking the spiritual life’s of people in that they do not see the need to pray or build in the spirit.

I saw People fainting because their physical reality of exhaustion does not match with their dreams and prophecy upon their lives, Exhaustion where it is difficult to build and do the things of the spirit because the devil too advantage of to destroy people.

Financial limitation

I saw a lot of people whose focus has been distracted because there was no resource, churches group’s and people, even those who use to participate actively in the house of God. The reality and strain of financial limitation, where people see no need to pray because of financial limitation and even if they pray it is full of petition and asking for finances. He also saw people losing jobs companies downsizing people.

Several people confused, even pastors, Churches going broke and going poor because their members had not money to contribute to the growth of the church.

Swam of FLIES (plague)

swamof flies coming across regions and territories. And God took my mind back to the plague in the land of Egypt. and the lord said the devourer manifesting as sicknesses, tragic event and ultimately death. Manifestation of sickness that cannot be diagnosed in the hospital.

I am not a prophet of doom but I saw the tears in Nigeria it was almost unbearable. It was bad economically and otherwise it was like this country was totally clueless. I saw people being laid off from work. Both Husbands and wives being laid off in different sectors both government sectors, they down size people because of what was happening. I saw stealing including stealing of people.

Why is god revealing this? To scare you? No. God will never bring a prophecy without a strategy. Most people will refuse to hear now until it happens and then they become victims of circumstances.

Apostle Joshua selman Prophetic message

When God reveals a thing he brings a strategy, especially when it is on the negative side. For example the flood of Noah, The strategy was the ark, the passing of the angel of death the strategy was the blood on the post of the house and the Passover, so when God gives a message like this he always gives a strategy of exemption

Teachings about spiritual growth and prayer totally diminished because the pastors where forced to only talk about finances. Because it looked like the only way to keep people coming to church.

The Keys given to survive this season

When your finances are intact your prayer point will reduce and your prayer life will be boosted you will not disturb God with needs in your prayer. In the season the flaw of many churches and men of God will be exposed.
The happening of this season is a strategy from the pit of hell. If you remember the time of king Nebuchadnezzar he built a 90 fit gold stature and asked. Everyone to bow down at the sound of the trumpet without finances you will bow to many ungodly things in order to survive. This season if you are lacking finances you will bow to many ungodly things.

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What faith is to the realm of the spirit that is finance is to this realm.
The way out of financial hardship this season goes beyond investment, goes beyond business. The key is to become the product yourself. When you rise and become a person of value you will be out of financial troubles. Your greatest strategy in this season is to carry something authentic and supernatural or excellent .and you will never labour for finance again for example if you sell palm oil it is only when I need palm oil that I will need you, if you sell pampers, only if I have a child or an adult that cannot use the toilet by himself that will need it.
For example if you carry the anointing you will be needed everywhere, the most expensive commodity in the earth now is the anointing. There are men that do not know any business principle but because of the nothing they are rich. There are people that even with this current situation they are not affected financially. They might act like they are affected but they are not.
If you do not empower your people don’t blame them of perversion. Battle in the season and get something tangible that will solve your financial problem that is the only out.

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