20 BENEFITS OF STUDYING ABROAD IN 2020 – Going abroad simply means going to a foreign country or countries other than where you are either to study for business or any other personal reasons
Those who go abroad for studies are going either to get a degree, masters degree and so on to build up their career

These are some benefits one can gain while studying abroad;

AWAKENING YOUR SENSE OF ADVENTURE: you will have an eye-opening and unforgettable adventures from pre-planned excursions to spontaneous weekend and holiday trips with few friends.

  • LEADERSHIP GROWTH: according to Forbes, a recent study revealed the correlation between living abroad and gaining clarity from self-discerning reflections leading to multi-layered benefits including career success, appreciation for diverse cultural backgrounds, and expanded perspectives which improves decision making, stress management, and job performance.


  • EXPERIENCING DIFFERENT LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: we gain experience outside our environment and it helps to broaden our horizons and our perspective of the world.


  • BECOMING MORE WELL-ROUNDED WITH A GLOBAL EDUCATION: the formative nature of the experience not only can you talk about it in job interviews, you will be able to reflect on this time throughout your life lending to worldly conversations with those u meet.


  • RESUME BUILDER: showing future employers that you have had an international education as well as a well-rounded candidate, whether you honed your foreign language fluency or took courses that align with your major, you will able to easily talk about these in an interview setting.


  • MAKING LIFELONG FRIENDS: the friendship one foster while studying abroad often lasts a lifetime whether you go abroad with acquaintances from your school or venture oversea without knowing a soul, you will form a bond with these new friends and together you will conquer language barriers, travel, eat well and learn.
    the inherent value of studying abroad also lies in the professional network you foster including receiving professional letters of recommendation, career connections, and so on.


  • PERSONAL GROWTH: studying abroad fosters a sense of self-discovery, independence, and confidence, it may be difficult at the onset but you are bound to return home with a newfound readiness to tackle challenges and expand your mind after experiencing new cultures and diving into unfamiliar but ultimately rewarding situations


  • GAIN A GLOBAL MINDSET: whether it is work or study you will be able to use your new global mindset to back up arguments, inform your beliefs and steer your life.


  • STUDY AND LEARN DIFFERENTLY: often those studying abroad will experience a completely new way of teaching. this can be daunting or overwhelming but it will also open your mind to new ways of learning.


  • LEARN SELF-RELIANCE: moving abroad to study is the ultimate test in self-reliance. When (or if ) you move back you will likely rely on others less and you will take more responsibility for yourself.


  • LEARN MORE ABOUT YOURSELF: throwing yourself into a completely new environment will help you figure out what you are good at and as swell what you are not good at. These are the things that can be built on during your study abroad experience.
    BECOME AN ADULT: speed up the transition from teenager to adult by leaping into the unknown you will have to fend yourself, buy your meals, wash your clothes but it will be worth it.
    MEET A DIVERSE RANGE OF PEOPLE: your exposure to many different types of people will not only help you to develop your skills but it will also give you a more in-depth knowledge of others particularly those from different cultures.


  • IT WILL LOOK GOOD ON YOUR CV: experience of living internationally goes down well with employers showing you have experience dealing with people from different cultures plus a higher level of adaptability. If you can explore a new country at the same time as picking up skills to gain a decent graduate job then that’s pretty good.


  • RESUME BUILDER: showing future employees that you have had an international education as well as a well-rounded candidate. Whether you honed your foreign language fluency, pursued an internship abroad, or took courses that align with your major, you will be able to easily talk about these in an interview setting.


  • POST COLLEGE BENEFITS: the benefits of studying or interning abroad extend far beyond the moment you return home.


  • A NEW HOME AWAY FROM HOME: of course any study abroad experience comes with an adjustment period and at a few stages of culture shock but your new destination will soon start to feel like a second home.


  • APPRECIATING THE BEAUTY OF A NEW PLACE: within the halls of local museums, with every taste of your host country’s authentic cuisine, upon every stroll through your favorite park, you will find beauty in your study abroad destination to inspire you and open your mind and heart to a new worldview.


  • LIVING IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT TO A HOLIDAY: you will get to experience your place of study in the long term, picking up local knowledge such as where sells the best coffee, what tourist traps to avoid and how to get the most out of your new city.


  • SEE YOUR OWN CULTURE THROUGH A NEW LENS: it is easy to accept your own culture as absolute, but living in another country can help inform your point of view on your home culture, allowing you to develop your views rather than accepting those defined by where you happen to come from.


Irrespective of these benefits one can enjoy while studying abroad or rather trying to study abroad in 2020, there are challenges or rather problems that are likely to come up due to the problem the world is facing regarding the outbreak of coronavirus(COVID19)

  • No face to face teaching; to reduce the spread of coronavirus, many universities have suspended all campus activities including lectures, classes are been held online or in different formats which may delay the award of degrees.
  • Admission procedures and application: because the pandemic is affecting not only teaching but also administration and eligibility of applicants, universities may make changes to their admission processes and postpone application deadline.
  • Restrictions on immigration: many countries are already restricting entry at their borders and only nationals and permanent residents are allowed unless there are important reasons. Etc

it is a good thing that people are traveling to different parts of the world to learn from their cultures and acquire skills not only to help their career but also to grow as a person. I think that anyone who wants to go far in his or her career and enjoys taking on new challenges should consider going abroad. The experience goes beyond being a tourist, the type of knowledge and exposure you receive learning abroad is unlike anything else.

People who studied abroad are more opportune to get a decent job here in Nigeria because they have been exposed to different teaching and learning environment and have broadened their minds towards their career
Therefore students should further their studies abroad to learn how to adapt to certain favorable and unfavorable conditions and build their career.

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