10 best pulpit and lectern designs 2020


Recently I saw a beautiful pulpit made of glass having a steel base so beautifully designed. looked almost like a transparent structure that the preacher stands by to preach the word. It also had a second shelf in between from the top to the bottom where one could place his bible or other materials. It was S-shaped with a logo in front of it.  I wish I could steal it. For us church folks and students, we are used to seeing pulpit every time we enter the church. we even feel the stage is incomplete without a pulpit weather big or small ugly or beautiful. It is so useful it aids teaching and preaching. 


But one of the things that makes the podium or stage well beautified is the design of the pulpit that is placed there, you might forget anything but most times you will easily remember the beauty and placement of the pulpit because it was always there in your front the whole time, More than just listening to the lecture or the word of God being preached by the preacher or the lecture the lecturer is giving.


There are many functions of a pulpit though we will just list some here:

  • It beautifies the stage especially if it has a unique design.
  • Helps the preacher or lecturer when delivering his lecture.
  • It reduces stress on the lecturer or preacher while preaching such that he can put his notes and materials on the pulpit.
  • Strong pulpits also give support to a person when tired such that they could rest a little on it.
  • It also gives the presenter a reference point of where to stand while presenting his lecture or message.


There are many different kinds of pulpits but we will just discuss the common ones which are of good price and can be easily gotten from amazon

  1. Glass pulpits click here to check the types on amazon
  2. Wodden pulpits click here to check the types on amazon
  3. Metal pulpits click here to check the types on amazon
  4. Movable pultpits click here to check the types on amazon

Let’s go further to see different products of these types

Glass pulpit

There are many types of glass pulpits but a selected few are listed below


  • Brushed Stainless Steel Sides Pulpit Clear Acrylic Plexiglass Podium Curved Lectern click here to see price on Amazon.

This pulpit is made of glass and steel shaped more like a cuboid standing by the side with a flat top. 

brushed stainless steel pulpit
brushed stainless steel pulpit
  • It is a clear acrylic Plexiglass podium, pulpit or lectern with curved brushed stainless steel sides. This pulpit is ideal for churches, colleges, universities, schools, hotels and event producers.
  • It Measures 27″ wide, 19″ deep, 48″ high. Comes with middle shelf which measures 16″by 11.8″. Front panel is made from 0.4″(10mm) acrylic, measures 9.4″ wide and 46.4″ high.
  • It is easy to assemble. Check video on https://youtu.be/wh9hRtDd10I.

Click here to check price on amazon


  • Acrylic Podium Plexiglass Pulpit School Church Lectern 15198-NF

This is another beautiful glass pulpit shaped more like a pyramid that is upside down.

click here to check price on amazon

acrylic podium plexiglass
acrylic podium plexiglass
  • It is Light-weight, easy portable, slim clear acrylic lectern, Overall size: 18″W X 12″D X 42.5″ H. Weighs 32 lbs.
  • This slim clear acrylic lectern is a perfect church or meeting room display lectern. It has a 1/2″ thick plexiglass upright panel and top shelf.
  • The solid base & mid-section on this lectern is manufactured from 1/2″ plexiglass sheets and looks great on this 44″ tall podium.
  • This lectern also comes with a shelf to store your beverage cup, books and other essentials.
  • It is easy to assemble and also has glue to apply.

click here to see price on amazon

  •          Acrylic/Podium/Lectern/Pulpit/Plexiglass/Lucite/clear 1803-5 Wood Shelf Frame with Cross decor-SHIP UNASSEMBLED/FLAT 1803-5+1803CROSS

click here to see price on amazon


This is a beautiful and unique pulpit mixed with wood by the sides.

  • This beautiful lectern podium pulpit is made from MDF and acrylic. Features 3/4″ MDF base side panels and shelf with nice walnut color. Large front panel covered with clear acrylic and decorative caps. Top panel is 1/2″ acrylic!
  • Ideal for church, hotels, universities, colleges and conference centers, where a outstanding acrylic, podium, pulpit, lectern. Features slanted book Bible stop. Wood and acrylic combination fit any environment. Larger rectangular base for excellent stability.
  • Podium stands 48″ tall, 24″ wide and 17″ deep. Designed to ship flat and offers best value and utility. Set up instructions provided. Video link provided

Wooden pulpit


The wooden pulpits are most times not as beautiful as the glass pulpit they usually have to be unique to b e more beautiful, below are beautiful and well priced wooden pulpits.

  •      Portable Podium for Floor, with Shelf, 49″ Tall, 30″ Wide, 8.5″ x 11″ Sign Holder, Wood

click here to see price on amazon

 Portable Podium for Floor, with Shelf

Portable Podium for Floor, with Shelf

This one is made entirely of wood it has a sign holder in front, below are the specifications.

click here to see the price on amazon

  • Portable podium can easily collapse and sets up in minutes.
  • Great for travel, seminars, presentations, and more.
  • Made from wood with laminated wood grain finish.
  • Has a top surface that is 30″ wide with a lip to keep contents in place.
  • Includes a sign holder for inserting a printed sheet of paper.


  • Wood speaking lectern, drawer and storage area (mahogany MDF wood grain)

click here to see price on amazon

Wood speaking lectern, drawer and storage area

Wood speaking lectern, drawer and storage area

This is also entirely of wood with a funny shape below are the specifications it comes fully assembled.

  • Lectern comes in a choice of mahogany or black finish
  • Made from MDF wood with a veneer finish
  • Comes with a drawer for ample storage
  • Great for a restaurant or stage
  • Ships fully assembled


  • Standing Lectern

click here to see price on amazon

Standing Lectern

Standing Lectern

This is the most simple pulpit structure easy to carry and move around and probably not heavy. Made completely from wood.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Material: Solid Wood, Walnut Stain
  • 43′ H with 16 x 15′ Top, 12′ Square Base


  Metal pulpit

This are probably the strongest type of pulpit but mainly they are

Difficult to maneuver.  Because of their rigidity and they may also be the most long lasting types of pulpits.


  •    47-inch Truss Lectern with 7/8-Inch Lip, Free-Standing Podium with Lattice-Style Design, Steel – Black

This is all made of steel and very durable also very beautifully designed.

click here to see price on amazon

Truss Lectern with 7/8-Inch Lip

Truss Lectern with 7/8-Inch Lip
  • Textured black finish provides a professional appearance.
  • Two braces at the base provide support to stabilize podium.
  • The 7/8-inch lip prevents items from falling off the podium.
  • Unique lattice design is attractive and interesting.
  • Displays2go SKU#: LCTT2PV2BK


  •     Truss Metal/Wood Curved Podium Pulpit Lectern with Cup Holder 11568

This is also beautifully designed and made of steel

click here to see price on amazon

Truss Metal/Wood Curved Podium Pulpit Lectern

Truss Metal/Wood Curved Podium Pulpit Lectern
  • Curved truss metal and wood podium with cup holder, black color. This metal and wood Lectern pulpit is perfect for schools, conferences, events, churches, classrooms. Easy to set up. Black melamined MDF top and base, with powder coated truss legs support. The structure is sturdy yet very contemporary.
  • Fine workmanship and modern style will draw more attention to presenters. Curved structure makes stands out compared to traditional podiums. This podium is an ideal design for speeches, lectures, sermons. Features with curved design that makes it easy to approach for speakers.
  • Length * Width * Height: 23.6″x 16.1″x 46.9″( 60*41*119 cm). Height faces to audience is 46.9″; Height faces to speaker is 42.5″. Top panel measures 23.6″ x 16.1″. Gross Weight: 28.2 lbs(12.8 kg) Color: Black.


Mobile pulpits

These kinds of pulpits are made to reduce stress in carrying them around mainly because they are always carried to different places. They are mainly used by lecturers to deliver lectures and also used for presentations. They could also be easily disassembled, wooden, glass or metal. They usually have a shelf in between to keep laptop or other materials used in delivering lectures. Their designs can vary based on their manufacturer designs.

  • Height Adjustable Laptop Cart With Swivel Top And Storage. Color: Chocolate

 This one is shaped like a cupboard and can be adjusted to suit the presenter height

click here to see price on amazon

Height Adjustable Laptop Cart

Height Adjustable Laptop Cart
  • Heavy-Duty MDF Panels with a Moisture Resistant PVC Laminate Vaneer in Chocolate Finish
  • Tilt and Adjustable Table Panel featuring a safety edge-stopper and Adjustable Table Height Between 30.75 and 45.5 inches with dual knobs
  • Open Storage Compartment and a Closed Storage Compartment with bottom hinges , 2 of 4 Caster With Locking Mechanism
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • Ships in 1 box
  •    Mobile Stand Up Lectern Podium with Wheels, Portable Heavy Duty Desk, Height Adjustable Church Pulpit or Ceremony, Classroom Lecture Speech Teach Platform, Walnut Tabletop and White Steel Frame

This is made completely of steel and is white in color it is multipurpose

click here to see price on amazon

Mobile Stand Up Lectern Podium with Wheels

Mobile Stand Up Lectern Podium with Wheels
  • MULTI-PURPOSE WORKSTATION: This mobile portable lectern can be used as a stand-up computer desk in your private room, lectern/podium in classroom, church, or presentation platform in any occasions. Plus, a 17°angle tabletop and edge protector is designed for your convenience in use.
  • HIGH-CLASS MATERIALS: Our lectern has 0.9” thickness table top and document shelf made with MDF board. Silver gray powder coated heavy duty steel frame ensures a long-term use.
  • Height Adjustable: The height of this lectern is adjustable from 40.6” to 53.1”. We upgraded it to a larger range in order to best customize our valuable customers’ special needs. Dimension: 23.6” x 16.1” x 40.6-53.1” (LxWxH)
  • Easy Transportation: 2” high quality casters with brakes on all 4 wheels allow you to move it place to place easily.
  • 30-DAY FREE TRIAL USE: To ensure a 100% customer satisfaction, we provide 30 days free return for full refund. We are confident to stand behind our product and would like to guarantee you a best shopping experience.

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